Best Practices
Table of Contents
Executive Summary
Basic Design Tips
Page Layouts
Speed of Delivery
Navigation and Usability
Colors, Fonts and Graphics
Audio —Tool or Trouble
The Use of Surveys
Pointing Devices
Other Peripherals
Table of Figures
1. Worldwide Internet Usage Statistics
2. Top 10 Languages Used on the Internet
3.Interactive Kiosks: US and International Projections
4.Summit’s Design Acronym
5.Fairmont Hotel Vancouver Kiosk Main Menu
6.Costco Select Features
7.Effective Screen Layout
8.Healthnotes Recipes Main Menu
9.Healthnotes Food Prep Screenshot
10.Large and Visually-Appealing Buttons
11.Improper and Proper Text Spacing
12.Consistent Branding
13.Radiant Systems Thumbnail Picture Choices
14.Consistent Placement and Use of Company Name
15.Superfluous Use of Navigation Buttons
16.Showing Customers How to touch the Screen
17.Common MTV-Look Color Schemes
18.The Effects of Font Shadows and Outlines
19.Background and Text Color Combinations
20.The Effects of Normal and Bold Typeface
21.The Effect of Background Patterns
22.Effective Kiosk Interface
23.Bank of RedDotNet Listening Stations
24.EAO Keyboards
25.Touchscreen Keyboard
26.Arrow Key Layouts
27.Storm Interface Keyboards and Trackball
28.Swecoin Ticketing/Label Printer
29.Digital Photo Kiosk Media Choices
30.Shopping Solutions Standalone Enclosure
31.Wall-Mounted Zoox Station
32.Digital Photography Kiosks
33.Food Ordering Unit at Wawa C-Store
34.Outdoor Food Ordering Unit at Subway
35. NeoProducts JobCentre Kiosk
36.Multi-Player Zoox Station
37.Redbox Exterior Signage
38.Redbox Interior Signage
Our Reports
Interactive Kiosks: Best Practices 2008 Edition

New edition published in 2008. This 95-page report on interactive kiosk best practices can be summed up very simply: If you think all you have to do to create a kiosk application is to take an existing Website and put it on a kiosk think again!

This report examines the many factors that can either result in a successful and popular kiosk or one that does not attract anyone and will join the ranks of yet another failed project. It consists of 38 full color screen shots and charts illustrating what usability techniques have been used in successful kiosk deployments.

This report, based on extensive testing and research, discusses the many vital issues that will determine a kiosk's success or failure, including the dos and don'ts of color, fonts, navigation, scrolling, content, speed, pointing devices and printing. Interactive kiosk design must follow the FIRE principle. It must be:


Interactive Kiosks: Best Practices is available either as a PDF or CD-ROM. To order the report or for individual or site licensing pricing, please contact or call us at (301) 670-0980. Major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard and American Express), company checks and wire transfers are accepted. Ordering is easy; simply email, fax or phone us with the bank information or credit card number and expiration date. You will receive the report promptly.


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